What to do with Michael Beasley

05.05.09 10 years ago 20 Comments

It became pretty obvious during the Heat’s brief playoff run that they need to find more playing time for Michael Beasley. In the last three games of the first round, the rookie averaged 19 points and nine boards in 30 minutes off the bench, and was often the only other viable scoring option behind Dwyane Wade.

Beasley was Miami’s sixth man all season (24 mpg), a role he couldn’t really break out of since veteran leader Udonis Haslem is too important to the team as its starting power forward. Beasley’s best shot at getting more PT would be to move to small forward, where he could easily start over Jamario Moon and James Jones. And that seems to be the plan once offseason workouts start, according to the Miami Herald:

Offensively, Beasley has the outside shooting touch, moves and versatility to play small forward. But his defense was suspect even at power forward. He will have to improve drastically to keep up.

“It’s going to be one of the major areas of focus,” Spoelstra said of working with Beasley at small forward this summer. “We have four or five months to give him a look at the 3. We’re definitely going to spend a lot of time with him at both positions.”

Aside from the defense, the only other concern for me would be if running Beasley at the three significantly cuts down on his post-up opportunities. At 6-9, 235, the left-hander can score off the dribble and from the outside, but also has a chance to be a beast of a low-post scorer in the League.

Hopefully Spoelstra keeps that in mind and gives Beasley variety of ways to score from the small forward spot, ’cause I’d hate to see him turn into a Rashard Lewis-type who spends too much time on the perimeter when he could be so much better splitting his time between the arc and the paint.

Source: Miami Herald

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