This Is The Kids Parody Of ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ You Never Knew You Needed

12.07.18 5 months ago

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For the discerning hoops fanatic, White Men Can’t Jump is right up near the top of any ranking of the greatest basketball movies of all time. If you were a certain age when it hit theaters back in the early 90s, it introduced you to a whole new glossary of trash talk, including classic non-sequiturs like “your mother’s an astronaut” and “go back to Sea World,” some of which we still deploy to this day.

The NBA has paid homage to that timeless basketball flick on numerous occasions. Back in 2012, Chase Budinger dressed up as Billy Hoyle for the Dunk Contest (ironically enough, losing and, arguably, reaffirming the premise), while Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison won Halloween one year with costumes that bore an uncanny resemblance to the Hoyle and Sidney Deane characters.

Now, the internet has gifted the world with this kids parody of that classic scene when the characters played by Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson ran their first hustle, and it’s a near-perfect rendition, played expertly by this pair of multi-talented child actors.

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