Will Somebody Please Sign Nate Robinson

08.24.09 9 years ago 14 Comments

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a Nate Robinson advocate. After last season ended, I was positive Aaron Goodwin’s Blackberry was going to be blowing up with offers come July 1st. But here we are nearly two months later and Nate the Great is still unsigned with only a modest qualifying offer from the Knicks on the table. It baffles me that his only other option was a contract offer in Greece.

Being a Robinson fan, I’m definitely biased. But at the same time I can understand his faults. He is a defensive liability, he is a midget and I know his on-court theatrics can drive even the most easy going coach nuts (D’Antoni). But on the other hand, Nate can come off the bench and give you 17 nightly. He plays hard, shoots a good percentage and brings energy. He can also fill seats – and in this recession isn’t that important?

The word is Nate is most likely returning to the Knicks. I’m going to tell you all now that he is going to make every team pay for passing on him. For all you Nate-Rob fans, I left you with a great interview he did right before the Draft with New York radio personality DJ Whoo Kid. Nate, who brought his Seattle buddy and New Jersey Net draft pick Terrence Williams with him to the studio, talked to Whoo about free agency, Blake Griffin, whips and Seattle white girls (seriously). Check it out it’s worth your time.

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