Words From The Workouts: Find Out Who Your Team Is Interested In

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Now that the NBA Lottery has been determined and the NBA Draft Combine has passed, everyone is making their mock drafts. There has been a lot of hype coming from team workouts about players that were pegged in the late first round. Many guys are climbing team’s Draft boards at an inordinate rate. We have heard some interesting rumors about guys from around the League. Here is the word:

According to DraftExpress, Al-Farouq Aminu does not care what position he plays. In an interview, Aminu said, “I just want to be a complete basketball player.” This is a great sign since NBA scouts have been having a tough time pegging him at any specific position. He has been working out with legendary shooting coach Dave Hopla. After watching this, it looked like Aminu could even play shooting guard.

Teams that could be looking at him are the Los Angeles Clippers, Detroit Pistons and Sacramento Kings.

The same could not be said for Paul George. George said in an interview with DraftExpress that he plans to play shooting guard in the NBA. For someone who is 6-9, playing shooting guard would give him a huge height advantage.

The New Orleans Hornets are very interested in George. The one worry from New Orleans fans is that he could be too similar to Julian Wright. It’s hard too see too many similarities aside from their height and high ceilings. George has improved his range, something scouts doubted he would be able to do this fast.

The best part about possibly trading down for George: The Hornets would have to spend less money. And we all know that has been a trend for the past couple of years.

After watching the Celtics get dominated by the Lakers’ big men, not many people were talking about their lack of length. Without a true 7-footer on the team, the Celtics are taking a hard look at Solomon Alabi. He recorded an all-time high on their mental test. Standing at 7-1 with great length (7-5 wingspan), it’s hard to not be intrigued with the 19th pick.

They are also taking a look at Dominique Jones. With Paul Pierce and Ray Allen possibly leaving, although it is unlikely after this NBA Finals run, Jones would be able to come in and contribute instantly. He isn’t the type of prospect that will jump out to you with upside, but if you are looking for a scorer, it’s hard not to like Jones. Remember his 46-point performance against Dime’s favorite Providence Friar Jamine Peterson? We do.

Apparently, the Milwaukee Bucks are pretty confident in their big men. With the 15th pick, they are interested in drafting a wing player. This may be surprising since they could have John Salmons and Michael Redd return next season.

They might not take a big man in the first round because they think they could get a steal in the second round. Derrick Caracter has impressed them at workouts. After displaying his great array of post moves and rebounding ability, Caracter showed that he is also out to change. His new and improved body (Caracter lost over 40 pounds) has impressed many since he was never known for his great work ethic.

It never hurts when Hakeem Olajuwon is complimenting your game. It is rumored that Hakeem put in the good word to the Houston Rockets about Marshall’s Hassan Whiteside. With all of the worries about Yao Ming‘s future in Houston, taking an insurance pick may not be a bad option. Whiteside’s size is much needed after they played an entire season with a 6-6 center.

One of the reasons why Whiteside has cancelled workouts and did not participate in the Draft Combine is that he thinks he could be a lock to get picked 14th. The Rockets have not confirmed this and it is also rumored they are interested in other players besides Whiteside. If Houston doesn’t pick him, Whiteside could find himself falling pretty far on June 24th.

Two guys that are enigmas in this Draft are Jones and Darington Hobson. Both have interest from teams in the first round such as Chicago (for Jones) and Memphis (for Hobson), but some teams are worried about selecting either too high. Jones’ scoring ability and Hobson’s ability to play three positions are both intriguing assets that are needed on every NBA team. Mock drafts have these guys as high as the 17th pick and as low as picks in the 40s.

Who do you want your team to pick?

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