You Can Help Shape the Future of Basketball; Win Free Converse Kicks

04.06.10 9 years ago 5 Comments

Too many times, it feels like the people and the brands in charge of guiding the path of basketball and basketball gear seem to do so without ever talking to and taking cues from the sources that matter most – actual basketball players and fans. Converse is working hard to change that and they want you, our readers, to help.

The brand has launched an initiative called “Conversations,” an online community where Converse can have conversations with basketball consumers (even if they don’t play ball in Converse kicks) about their inspirations and preferences about all things hoop and basketball culture. So how does it work and what can you get out of it by joining?

– When you sign up, you will immediately be given a platform to talk directly to the decision makers at Converse, giving your voice the opportunity to have real impact on what future Converse basketball gear looks and feels like.

– You will have the chance to help Converse decide how they’re going to present their basketball products to the world through advertising and events.

– Members will have regular opportunities to receive free Converse kicks and other products.

It’s easy to sign up and we’ve heard that the first 25 people from Dime to sign up and fill out two activities titled “Sportastic or Sport-spastic?” and “Action Jackson: Introducing Star Chevron” will be eligible to win free Converse kicks. It’s a no-brainer for anyone who lives and breathes basketball.


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