Zach LaVine And Aaron Gordon Suit-Up To Perfect Dunking Animation For ‘NBA 2K17’

During the All-Star festivities, Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon swiftly put the kibosh on the idea that the three-point contest should replace the Slam Dunk Contest as the final event of the night. It was the greatest dunk contest ever, and Gordon, who didn’t even win, probably had a better evening than anybody ever not named LaVine or Vince Carter. Due to the dunking acumen of both LaVine and Gordon, it should not be a surprise that these two gentlemen were brought in by EA Sports to provide motion capture for NBA 2K17.

If you know video games, or movies, at all, you probably know how motion capture works. These are modern times. LaVine and Gordon put on little outfits with little patches and balls all over them, and also a helmet-type thing, and then their movements are captured by cameras so that EA Sports can take the stuff they do on the court and recreate it in the game.

You can watch some footage of LaVine and Gordon dunking in their motion capture suits. Also, you can see Zach Lavine in a motion capture suit holding a puppy. In the end, if NBA 2K17 doesn’t include a dragon mascot spinning around on a hoverboard, it will be a disappointment.

(Via Ball is Life)