Comedy Now: Netflix Travels To Mexico And South America

01.26.18 1 year ago


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What’s Now

Netflix boosts its international output significantly

In 2017, Netflix boosted its comedy profile by releasing nearly one new special every week. The streamer upped the ante in 2018 with almost two new specials a week, and it’s possible thanks to a significant increase in global content. This week alone, Netflix released new stand-up specials from Colombian comic Ricardo Quevedo, Argentinian comedian Sebastián Wainraich, and Mexican stand-up Mau Nieto. All three are in Spanish, but if English is your first (or only) language and Spanish isn’t your second, each special comes equipped with English subtitles.

Todd Glass: Act Happy (Netflix)

Watching Todd Glass’ Act Happy, which dropped this week on Netflix, results in a ridiculously strong feeling of FOMO. That’s because the 53-year-old comic’s uncanny ability to improvise his way through a seemingly unprepared set is so intoxicating, you’ll be jealous of his audience. (Especially the people in the front row, about whom he writes and performs a new song on the spot.) Lots of things made me envious of Glass’ audience — like his spot-on impression of Brian Regan, his jokingly anti-Rory Scovel chant, and his ability to perform while a band plays “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

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