Nintendo’s Upcoming Fujifilm Collaboration Lets You Print Your Most Adorable Pokemon Snap Pics Instantly

If you thought you couldn’t possibly get any more hype for Pokemon Snap, just wait until you hear about the Nintendo-Fujifilm collaboration announced earlier today. In celebration of the upcoming Pokemon title, which hits shelves April 30, Fujifilm has released a line of Pokemon-inspired products as well as an exclusive photo editing app. Just like Pokemon Snap, these products are available starting April 30.

With the Instax Mini Link App for Nintendo Switch, players will have a nearly seamless experience as they turn their Switch screenshots into printable masterpieces. The user-friendly process begins with players opening their Nintendo Switch gallery, choosing which image they’d like to print, and selecting the option ‘send to smartphone’ from the list of available actions. This will result in the Switch producing a QR code they can scan into the app, edit with fun frames and stickers, then print using an Instax Mini Link printer.
While the app works with all Instax Mini Link printers, naturally Nintendo and Fujifilm have created a special edition one as a part of the collaboration. The new printer comes in the color “Ash white,” a reference to the Pokemon series long-time protagonist Ash Ketchum, and has small blue and red details that set it apart from the original white Instax Mini. In addition, the team has already created an adorable silicon Pikachu case for the printer. However, while both the printer and app are inspired by the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey and Animal Crossing: New Horizons
The Fujifilm Instax Mini Link in “Ash white”will be available for $100 in select stores and online. The special Nintendo edition bundle, which contains both printer and the Pikachu-themed silicone case, will also be available for $120. These items, as well as Pokemon Snap, will be available starting April 30.