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Anybody could make a list of ugly, poorly-executed, and sad-looking cosplay fails.  Most cosplay falls into that category.  What I’d like to showcase are cosplay fails so magnificently bad they become totally rad.  The type of costumes that make people wonder, “is this person mental, or awesome?”

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“I am Ironman.”

“No, I am Ironman.”

Look at this fricken love connection.

“Is Vader gonna hafta choke a b*tch?”

When in doubt, add a blond fro to your costume.

A blond mullet will also suffice.

“I am the hero that Walmart deserves.”

“When not dressing as Bender, I use this costume to insulate my water heater.”

I so totally choose you.

Cardboard Wookie’s don’t live on Endor, your argument is invalid.

The costume that says, “I spent 7 hours manipulating cardboard, but I’m too cool to waste $6 on paint.”


This is a pretty rad use of tin foil.

But not as rad as this.

We would have also accepted “the 8,234th box in Half-Life 2″.

BONUS PICTURE: Instead of one more magnificent costume fail, let’s end this gallery on an epic win:

This guy > all of us

So what turns a bad costume into a rad costume?  Humor, intentional jankiness, and no sense of shame.  The same qualities that help get you a guest appearance on Cops, incidentally.  If you aren’t going to spend the money and time to see a brilliant idea through (like green army guy up there) then take your costume play in the other direction: deliberate, hilarious, self-deprecating lameness.  Take the cardboard Chewbacca up there.  Did that guy at any point have delusions that a boxy cardboard Chewbacca costume would look convincing?  No.  Then he ensured his costume would pop with class and have top-of-the-line no-joke excellence by adding — boom! — cardboard fringe.  Cardboard effin’ fringe.  That’s how it’s done.

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