1,001 Must-See Movies in One Majestic Supercut

Filmmaker Jonathan Keogh has a stunning supercut a year in the making. Based on Jay Schneider’s series of the same name, 1,001 Movies You Must See (Before You Die) apparently took a year to make. Plus, it actually includes 215 additional titles. Let us know how many you can name!* While the video is certainly intimidating, it’s also… inspiring? Maybe it’s just the dubstep sweeping me away, or the juxtaposition of Citizen Kane and Dumb and Dumber—I do try to keep from getting caught up in Cinephallic Reverence—but watching this made me want to follow my dreams! Or create stuff! [Looks at growing pile of Doritos bags] Or at least watch one of these movies or whatever. The Point Is: Take ten minutes to watch this microscopic lesson on pop culture. (For a for-reals thorough history of ~cinema~, I recommend this Netflix series.)


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