16 Rejected Titles for Toy Story

Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich recently took to his Twitter account, and, on a rare break from vivid descriptions of dumps he just took (TMI, Unkrich! God!), shared some of the titles that got thrown around at Pixar before they eventually settled on Toy Story. He said there had been an open call to studio employees, eventually amassing more than 200 suggestions. Here are 16 of the rejects Unkrich says he selected at random:

  • The New Toy
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Moving Buddies
  • To Infinity and Beyond
  • Wind-Up Heroes
  • The Cowboy & The Spaceman
  • Spurs & Rockets
  • Bring Me The Arm of Buzz Lightyear
  • Wind the Frog
  • Rex’s First Movie
  • For the Love of Peep
  • Toyz in the Hood
  • Each Sold Separately
  • Wings & Pullstrings
  • Some Assembly Required
  • The Favorite

Out of these, I’d say “To Infinity and Beyond” isn’t bad, and “The Favorite” makes sense, though it isn’t very evocative. Toy Story certainly seems like the correct choice. If Bruckheimer was producing, it definitely would’ve been “Toyz in the Hood.” It makes you wonder if other titles, like, say, “Knight and Day” also beat out 199 other suggestions. And if so, what could’ve been worse than Knight and Day? Root Canals and Child Porn? Crazy ‘Bout Hitler? Discuss.

[via /Film, AICN]