1st 10 minutes of Easy A look… good?

Senior Editor
09.14.10 15 Comments

If you read about movies at all, you’ll often hear about movies that weren’t screened for critics.  There are a lot of complicated explanations for why they’ll do this, but they’re all bullsh*t because it’s very simple: if a studio is embarrassed and knows their movie sucks, they’ll hide it from anyone who can warn others about it.  The flipside to that is that when a studio is proud of a movie, they’ll show it to everyone they can to build word of mouth.  Which is why it speaks well of Will Gluck’s high school scarlet-letter comedy Easy A that the studio would put the first 10 minutes up on MySpace.  The last few movies to do that that I can remember were The Other Guys (funny), Get Him to the Greek (also funny), and Dark Knight (duh).

At the very least, Emma Stone seems as likable as she is cute.  Could it be that Easy A is a member of that now exceedingly rare  breed, the clever high school movie?  Or that even rarer breed, the female-led, clever high school movie?  I’d love to find out and report back to you, but unfortunately Cam Gigandet is in this, and I’d rather staple my nuts to helicopter rotor than have to stare at that god-forsaken gremlin-faced mongoloid for a single second.  But if you guys can stand it, by all means, give this one a shot.

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