1st footage from James Franco’s naked chick BMX machete fight

Back in February, we heard about Harmony Korine’s plan to team up with James Franco on a piece of “violent video art” that would hopefully feature a real knife fight between gang members.  A few weeks ago, we heard a little more about the project by way the above picture, featuring James Franco looking unimpressed while being menaced by a gang of angry naked street hoochies.  Today we’ve got some new video from the set.

Set to Notorious B.I.G.‘s “Dead Wrong” the brief segment is filmed by Franco himself as he rides around filming what we presume is location for the shot. Yeah, it’s grainy iPhone video but look closely…those kids on bikes are all wearing Tupac t-shirts and the music selection isn’t random. Are Franco and Korine cooking up their own twisted version of the Tupac vs. Biggie battles of the ‘90s? [ThePlaylist]

You can watch the video below, and although it doesn’t reveal much, and I still can’t tell what’s on Franco’s shirt (oh please be a picture of Franco), there are some gangster-looking (by which I mean non-white) people riding around on BMX bikes with huge machetes.  And lest you think the irony of someone named “Harmony” trying to incite a violent knife battle is lost on them, fear not. I’m sure the irony has already been recognized, savored, AND dicknosed.