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02.15.08 85 Comments

This is the first picture from the set of G.I. Joe, in which Dennis Quaid calls his agent to say, "You put me in a f*cking Stephen Sommers movie?  The guy from Van Helsing?  You’re f*cking fired."

In the movie, Quaid plays General Hawk.

Hawk is the code name of Major General Clayton M. Abernathy. He is the commander of the G.I. Joe Team. Born in Denver, Colorado, he comes from a wealthy family whose influence enabled him to enroll in West Point where he graduated at the top of his class. He was even able to gain experience in the battlefield in several trouble spots. One description of him is that he is "keenly intelligent and perceptive and quite capable of totally selfless acts in support of his team-mates. An excellent leader!" [Wiki]

Aw, it’s cute when people create back stories for their dolls.  I have a plush pony named Professor McGiggles – I like to braid his mane and pretend he works at a prestigious college where he teaches girls that sweatpants are sexy.  

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