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07.06.09 26 Comments

I normally wouldn’t post eight minute clips of movies, but The Hurt Locker is still in limited release and I loved it, so I want to tell everyone about it, like the time I touched my first boob (thanks, mom).   As you’ll see in this clip, The Hurt Locker is a great movie for the same reason Public Enemies was a disappointment: details.  Hurt Locker has them, Public Enemies tries to skip them.  There’s nothing too complex about Hurt‘s plot and it doesn’t have some brilliant insight into the horrors of war or the human condition, but it takes you into the world of guys who defuse bombs for a living and makes you feel the tension right along with them.  And it’s not that phony, bullsh-t tension where they shake the camera around and keep cutting between a foot on the gas pedal and Vin Diesel grimacing. It comes from simple, fully fleshed-out scenes.  Every hack director and editor in Hollywood should watch The Hurt Locker with their notebooks out and their Axe bodyspray in the off position. Best non-bukkake-related movie I’ve seen all year.

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