A Comprehensive Guide to ‘Knockout’ Puns in Reviews of The Fighter

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David O. Russell’s critically-beloved boxing film The Fighter finally opens today, and if there’s one thing film critics like more than boxing metaphors, it’s boxing metaphors to describe a movie about boxing.  It’s so on the nose, much like punches from the famous boxer Marky Mark.  Now then, who wants a glass of Pun Punch?  It’s Wahl-to-Wahl action!

“Wahlberg delivers knockout performance in ‘The Fighter'”. [BONUS WORDPLAY!]: “You can have actors wall-to-wall with Massachusetts accents, but you have to put them on those streets and front porches for the knockout punch.” -Jeff Simon, BuffaloNews

“Christian Bale gives a knockout performance in ‘The Fighter'” [BONUS PUN!] “Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale’s “The Fighter” is a punch-drunk tale whose fitful ramble from Jerry Springer-style family seaminess to “Rocky”-like triumph is elevated enormously by knockout performances.”-David Germain, AP

“REVIEW: Bale’s knockout performance makes ‘Fighter’ a contender.” [BOOM, DOUBLE PUN! SHOOT ME UP, I NEED MORE PUNS!] “If prizes were handed out to boxing films, “Rocky” would still hold the championship title. Every few years, however, a new boxing film emerges that tries to be a legitimate contender. I haven’t seen one that knocked me out in a long time, but “The Fighter” comes pretty close.” [WHO’S THE BOXER NOW? I’M SO CONFUSED!] -Richard Karpala, Aurora Sentinel

“‘The Fighter’ has a knockout performance in a big week for little films”Liquida

“Googley-eyed Christian Bale gives a knockout performance” [DOUBLE BONUS PHOTO CAPTION PUN]: “PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE: Brothers Dicky (Christian Bale, left) and Micky (Mark Wahlberg) in The Fighter.” -Curt Holman, CL Atlanta

“Review: ‘The Fighter’ is a knockout” [NOT GOOD ENOUGH, I NEED ANOTHER PUNCH DRUNK LOVE PUN, CUT ME, MICK!] “THE MEMBERS of ex-fighter Dicky Eklund’s family are so punch-drunk with love for the charming bad boy that they won’t acknowledge the dangerous road he’s on.” -Claudia Puig, Mercury News

‘The Fighter’: Wahlberg, Bale and Co. deliver knockout performances -Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel

“‘The Fighter’ An Oscar Knock-Out” [BOOYAH!] So it’s a holiday feast of blue-collar, but blue-ribbon actors all trying to out-do each other in what is a veritable Oscar smack-down and SUCCEEDING mightily. Each landing punch after thespic (acting) punch in this knock-out of a movie! [I THINK I JUST PISSED BLOOD!] -Stephen Holt, StephenHoltShow


“Heavyweight Event” [GOSSIP COLUMN PUNNED!] “From the sounds of the chatter around him, he gave a knockout performance in the role of quiet Micky.” -Alexandra Mack, Vogue

“‘The Fighter’ Is A Scrappy Little Knockout” […JUST ONE PUN? THIS IS WHY YOU’RE SMALL TIME, BLOGGER!] -Gabe Toro, ThePlaylist

“‘The Fighter’ Review: Knockout With a One-Two Punch” [DOUBLE PUN!] Leah Rozen, TheWrap

“Don’t let the hackneyed trailer fool you. This one’s a knockout.” -Jim Vejvoda, IGN

“Bale’s performance is a knockout.” -Neil Best, Newsday

“‘The Fighter’ is a knock-out.” [THANK YOU SIR, CAN I HAVE ANOTHER?] Watching the compelling based-on-true-events boxing movie “The Fighter,” you get the idea that the toughest opponent “Irish” Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg) ever faced wasn’t in the ring. [THAT’S NOT A PUN, IT JUST SUCKS!] -James Ward, The Californian

“Knock Out: The Fighter is filled with amazing performances, but the championship belt really belongs to Christian Bale. ” [WOULD YOU SAY HE GAVE A… (*PUNGLASSES*) KNOCKOUT PERFORMANCE?? (*YEEEEEAHHHH*)] -Tim Plant, MetroWeekly

There’s more, but I can’t go on!  Cut the gloves off!  I’m feeling dizzy!  I think I might be pun drunk!

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