A Guide to Recognizing Your Fanboys & morning links

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03.30.10 41 Comments

Here's a helpful guide to the various breeds of fanboys. I still don't know what the hell Firefly is. And no, that doesn't mean I want you to tell me. (You can make it bigger if you right click and select "view image")

(via MadAtoms)


  • Burnsy wrote a new Uproxx feature, so make sure you slap his ass on the way to the showers (in a hetero way). “8 Ways to Make Your Pet an Internet Sensation.” |Uproxx|
  • Mayor Bloomberg with Snooki, The Situation, and some chick from Hair, your argument is invalid. |WarmingGlow|
  • New Hampshire state representative’s Facebook status: “Anime is proof two nukes weren’t enough.”  |GammaSquad|
  • Tim Tebow helps some douche propose.  |WithLeather|
  • Junk food may be addictive as crack, reports fatty apologists. |Asylum|
  • Chat Roulette Piano part 2. |CollegeHumor|
  • Jesus, man, how much more complicated can we make a f*cking razor?  |AskMen|
  • Surprise, Tila Tequila is a whore, dresses like a whore, does whorey things. |DrunkenStepfather|
  • 6 people you meet in a holding cell.  Spoiler alert: three of them are Gary Busey. |CoedMag|
  • “Mark Millar to Edit San Diego Comic-Con Edition of Wizard Magazine,” I wrote before bathing in clearasil. |ComicsAlliance|
  • Auto Smiley makes emoticons from your real smiles, meaning there’s now something even more pointless than that the sh*t that makes a yellow smiley face from your emoticons. |Urlesque|
  • More radical changes in store for So You Think You Can Dance. If you guessed one of the is me giving a sh*t, you are wrong. |InsideTV|
  • Sherlock Holmes and the other new DVD releases this week. |InsideMovies|
  • The 10 most annoying corporate-speak phrases and what they mean. |Guyism|
  • 15 rare photos of celebrities. |UnrealityMag|
  • AMC orders more “Walking Dead” series. |ScreenJunkies|
  • 7 People You’ll Find at the DMV. |HolyTaco|

Here’s my ugly mug with James Nguyen at the Birdemic premiere.  Should be another screening this weekend in NYC, more info as it comes.  There was a way better one of him holding a coat hanger, but it was on my digital camera that I got drunk and left in a cab that pulled a runner on. So… yeah.  Good times.  …And also, here’s “Force by Forcewest“, because it’s awesome.

[banner pic source, Force by Forcewest via @Ratpack, More Birdemic pics]

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