A Supercut of Twin Towers Cameos & Morning Links

Here’s a supercut of twin towers cameos in films. You know what’d be awesome? If we rebuilt those right away, just to prove that you can’t break America’s spir- what’s that? Ten years later and It’s still a big hole? Oh well. Hey, I wonder what’s happening on Facebook. |via Spout|

The Official Warming Glow Fall TV Preview Drinking Game |Warming Glow|

Michael Bay Auditions a New Ferrari Washer: A Picture Story |Film Drunk|

Alec Baldwin Ran into the Infamous Hipster Barista |UPROXX|

Funny, Sexy, and Awesome Cosplay of the Week |Gamma Squad| Pic via Lamebook

T.O.’s Bad Advice: Desean Jackson Should Sit |With Leather|

Ali Lohan is lookin’ good. |TheSuperficial|

Seal Man is the sealiest. |GorillaMask|

Ranked: Steven Soderbergh Films From Worst to Best. |Nerve|

Where Are They Now? NFL coaches fired last year. |MentalFloss|

The Perfect Crime: Robbing a 7/11 in a Gumby costume. |Videogum|

7 Steps to Hiding Your Hangover at Work |Buzzfeed|

Why the Worst Superhero Ever Made Is Responsible for the Best Superhero Movie Ever Made |FARK|

Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls Happened |Daily What|

25 disgusting lunch mean products. |HolyTaco|

Lisa Nolan walks off Game of Thrones over nude scene. |ScreenJunkies|

11 Reasons Why I’m Holding Out Hope That The Eddie Murphy Oscars Won’t Be One Massive, Fat Suited Ratnerf*cking |Pajiba|

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