Here’s Aaron Paul in a Korn Video + Morning Links

Here’s Aaron Paul, aka Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman (bitch) in a 2002 Korn video, surprisingly not for the song “Love & Meth,” which showed up in the related videos. Best comment goes to “Walter White,” who says ” “Jesse! I AM THE ONE WHO ROCKS!” They should give some kind of awards for best internet commenter shtick. And for me, for living through the heyday of Korn in the epicenter of their popularity. Oy. (Thanks for the tip, Ryan)


|FilmDrunk| See if you can tell my fake Vince Vaughn posters from the real deal in This Week in Posters.

|Uproxx| Doug Stanhope went onstage after two of his best friends died the same day.

|WarmingGlow| Danger ranks the couples in the new Cialis ads.

|KissingSuzy| Deion Sanders is not great at teleprompting.

|WithLeather| Russian fighter knocks himself out a second time with a brutal “lawn chair” style KO.

|Ranker| This is what Halloween was like in the nineties.

|UproxxVideo| GTA V mishaps, the ultimate collection.

|SmokingSection| 20 people who didn’t know the “old white guy” in the Jay-Z commercial was Rick Rubin.

|TheSuperficial| Shockingly, pregnancy hasn’t made Kim Kardashian’s giant ass any smaller.

|Videogum| Damon Lindelof deleted his Twitter account. In case you’re reading this, Damon, SACK UP, YOU DAMNED QUITTER!

|TheChive| Darwin’s exceptions – 30 photos.

|deathandtaxes| Oh, just the latest rich girl the internet shamed for being terrible.

|IDLYITW| Steve Jobs was into tantric sex. Guess that worked out better than his “try to cure pancreatic cancer with fruit” idea.

|BroBible| Adrien Grenier posted a very important message on Instagram.

|Guyism| Australian bride throws a wedding for herself.

|CagePotato| The top 24 MMA fighters who lost their first fights.

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