All arguments now invalid. (Morning Links)

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06.06.10 6 Comments

(ATTN: All arguments now invalid.  Please make a note of it.  Also: what’s up with hipsters wearing their dead grandpa’s shoes these days?)


  • Chodin’s “Great Moments In News & Politics With Justin Bieber”. |Uproxx|
  • Afraid of needles?  Very soon, you may be able to take your injection via FRICKIN’ LASER. |GammaSquad|
  • Smell ya later, Ken Griffey Jr.  Thanks for the memories or whatever. |SmokingSection|
  • 12 people protest the national spelling bee to protest spelling being hard. |WithLeather|
  • 10 box covers Wheaties wishes they could take back. Ha, ‘box covers.’ |Guyism|
  • Ever wanted to know what happens when you rip and re-upload a video 1,000 times?  This. |Urlesque|
  • Spank bank: Brook Becker.  Ha, boobs and guns. |GorillaMask|
  • Hell yes.  Kelly Brook to pose for Playboy. |FListed|
  • Crazy sports titles we’d like to see. |G4|
  • Bottled water contains far more bacteria than tap water, according to study.  |Asylum|
  • Superhero panhandlers outlawed in Hollywood.  Piss-smelling hobos still A-okay. |ComicsAlliance|
  • Four gritty comic book movies we almost got. |Gunaxin|
  • 11 awesomely terrible martial arts demonstrations. |CollegeHumor|

-Thanks to Chareth for the banner pic.

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