Alpaca Lips Now & Morning Links

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AdamQuigs recently created this alternate poster for Abduction. I assume this was before I made the discovery that the Taylor Lautner animal is actually an alpaca, not a llama. I’ve since taken the liberty of updating the poster myself with a new title.

Awesome Gallery: 4chan recreates DC’s New 52 In MS Paint |Gamma Squad|

Gary Busey and Ted Haggard to do Celebrity ‘Wife Swap.’ I hate that this was a TV story. |Warming Glow|

Fat Kids Be Damned: The World’s Largest Dodgeball Game And The Best Of Devin Graham |With Leather|

Frotcast 66: Frotcast Mailbag, Seth Rogen & Will Reiser, More Butt-Nairing Stories |Film Drunk|

Lewis Black On The Chaz Bono/DWTS Controversy |UPROXX|

Drunk Guy vs. Fun House Mirrors: WHO YA GOT? |GorillaMask|

Lindsay Lohan’s clothes have white powder on them. Don’t worry, probably just de-louser. |TheSuperficial|

This week in gifs. |Videogum|

Garry Shandling’s 1986 Pizza Hut commercial. |MentalFloss|

7 Famous Quitters Who Sucked at Not Quitting. |HolyTaco|

This cat can sit on her own head. |TheDailyWhat|

Which parts of Boardwalk Empire are based on historical facts? |ScreenJunkies|

Cris Cyborg (the chick who beat up Gina Carano) books fight against former dominatrix. |CagePotato|

10 Things You Didn’t Know About “Dazed and Confused” |Buzzfeed|

Funk pioneer Sly Stone Is Now Broke and Living in a Van |FARK|

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