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03.26.10 18 Comments

Oh man.  I feel like I’ve died and gone to AWESOME RADICAL DOG MOVIE HEAVEN!  (*air guitar*) That’s because Yahoo just released a full trailer for Marmaduke, starring that guy from The Fall, Owen Wilson as Marmaduke, George Lopez as Carlos the Cat, Fergie as some bitch, and playing himself, Academy Award nominee William H. Macy (*cocks dog head to the side quizzically*) .  Talking animals?  Check.  Popular songs?  You know it.  Elaborate animal dance numbers in CGI?  Duh. A great Dane surfing??  CHECK AND MATE, MOTHERF*CKER!

WHY IS THIS NOT IN 3D?  I DEMAND TO HAVE MY OPTICAL NERVE F*CKED DOGGYSTYLE BY SURFING DOGS IN SUNGLASSES!   Sorry.  Sorry.  I’ll calm down.  Dog movies just get me really fired up is all.  When I die, I want “Ron Perlman as Chupadogra” on my tombstone.

Five years from now, William H. Macy is going to be really tired of answering, “I’ve always wanted to know… did you do your own stunts in Marmaduke?”

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