Amazingly true: Rutger Hauer to star in ‘Hobo with a Shotgun’

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04.19.10 14 Comments

Since most of Hollywood’s ideas seem more like fake movies within real movies lately anyway, it figures that they’d make full-length movies out of the fake Grindhouse trailers.  Besides Robert Rodriguez’s Machete, starring Danny Pinche Trejo opening in September, now Rutger Hauer is set to star in Hobo with a Shotgun, stealing the part from the obvious choice, Rip Torn.  Hobo (above) was the creation of Nova Scotia’s Jason Eisener (cre-eh-tion?), who entered the short in a create-your-own-Grindhouse trailer competition and won, proving finally that Nova Scotians are capable of doing something besides smelling like moose leather.

I have a hard time fitting their rambling style into a block quote, but the gist is that AICN discovered Hobo would be shooting today in Halifax, and confirmed the news with the director (who, incidentally, also made the buzzed-about short Treevenge).  No word on the kind of budget, or whether we can expect to ever see it in theaters as of yet.  Sadly, having Rutger Hauer on board is no longer a guarantee of a theatrical release, and the last movie he was in that I can remember opening is Batman Begins, though he’s been in 20+ films since then, mostly stuff like Minotaur and The Magic Flute Diaries.  Heh.

My fear is that if this is released, it will only perpetuate the negative media bias against guys who dress up like Santa Claus and masturbate to school kids with binoculars.  Have we not suffered enough?

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