Banksy photographed in LA. Maybe.

Banksy was recently photographed in Los Angeles attending to his “This Looks Like An Elephant” piece. That is, assuming the guy climbing around on Banksy’s graffiti spot is Banksy, and that Banksy is not actually Charlie Sheen, James Franco, or a shadowy cabal of Jewish bankers.  It does look enough like this other photo believed to be Banksy, but given the amount of face actually visible, it could just as easily be Eric Bana.

Wearing a pulled-down green cap, a brown T-shirt and grey Adidas tracksuit bottoms, ‘Banksy’ scrambled to the top of the old container at the side of a busy highway, on which he had sprayed, ‘This Looks A Bit Like An Elephant’.

Banksy is known to go back to photograph his art, as revealed in his book Wall And Piece – and the man here was carrying a camera. [DailyMail]

Meanwhile, a reader spotted this possibly-heretofore-unknown Banksy piece in LA:

“Visfxguy” writes:

I’ve given you guys tips before — thought you might be interested. I’m pretty sure that I’ve found a Banksy that no one has discovered yet. Not exactly movie related, but kind of proves that he was in the Los Angeles area for the Oscars. I’d rather not tell you where it is — I’m not anxious to get more traffic in the area — but It’s in a relatively remote place in L.A. Don’t know if you guys can use it, but it could be an exclusive!

I have no idea how a person goes about determining whether something is an actual Banksy or just stencil-y graffiti by some non-Banksy ass loser, so the approach I took was to hold two cats, one in each hand, about shoulder-width apart as I slowly approached the picture on my monitor.  When I got about two feet from it, the cats started fighting, so I think I can say with bout 85% certainty that this is an exclusive Banksy original we’re dealing with here.