Bears Top Male Strippers At The Box Office

Despite finishing at No. 2 on this weekend’s box office list, Channing Tatum has another certified blockbuster on his hands. Magic Mike earned nearly $40 million in its first weekend, which is fantastic for its $7 million budget. But the big winner was Seth MacFarlane and his foul-mouthed teddy bear, Retread Ted, which grossed $54 million.

The victory comes as a mild surprise, as people still love MacFarlane’s self-aware brand of “edgy” comedy, and a lot of my friends and Twitter peoples told me that they really enjoyed Ted. And as much as I wanted Magic Mike to be the clear winner, horny cougars and sorority girls can only carry a film so far. Although, I will say that out-profiting a film $32 million to $4 million is one hell of a victory.

The rest of the box office – including another big weekend for Tyler Perry *sigh* – after the jump, as well as some thoughts on Magic Mike.

(Via Box Office Mojo)

In just two weeks, Brave has already mopped the floor with Madagascar 3, adding fuel to my fire for getting Hollywood to stop recycling these animated films and give our kids original material. And speaking of recycled shtick, I still don’t know who is seeing these Tyler Perry films. How many times can a man in a grossly ridiculous fat suit and grey wig pretending to be an old woman be considered funny? I mean, it’s zero for me, but I’d love to hear from people who actually watched Madea’s Witness Protection. I’m sort of fascinated by the constant success.

The only thing that makes me happier than Magic Mike opening big is That’s My Boy continuing to bomb. With an inexplicable budget of $70 million, Adam Sandler’s latest flaming diaper hasn’t even grossed half that. I’m so proud of you right now, America. Now the key is to make sure we completely ignore Grown Ups 2, and force Sandler to understand that we’re through with this nonsense.

As for Magic Mike, Vince and I agreed that we both went into it expecting to love the film on a purely whimsical level, and we both walked out of it feeling like we actually just saw an honest-to-thong good movie. I laughed at C-Tates’ awful performance in The Vow earlier this year, but he was actually great in Magic Mike. I had plenty of problems with Mike (lazy ending, Olivia Munn should have been the lead female, and at no point did I think that there was an even remotely intriguing plot conflict) but between Matthew McConaughey’s excellent performance, watching Kevin Nash fumbling through dance routines, Alex Pettyfer playing the perfect smug dickhead (hmmm, wonder if he has experience), a theater packed with screaming women, and Munn’s surprising bisexual bewbage, I’d strongly recommend Magic Mike to anyone who wants a fun movie and doesn’t mind one incredibly awkward penis pump scene.

Grade: B-

Long live C-Tates!