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09.02.09 16 Comments

In this latest promo clip from Mike Judge’s Extract, Judge goes back to the well for the characters that made him famous, Beavis and Butthead.  I was about Beavis and Butthead’s age when Beavis and Butthead came out, so I’m probably guilty of the same kind of romantic nostalgia I make fun of sci-fi fans for all the time when I say this, but five seconds in I was thinking, “Oh man, remember Beavis and Butthead?  Beavis and Butthead were awesome.”  Anyway, nostalgia aside (I hope), props (or kudos, or another word that doesn’t sound as lame as props or kudos) to Mike Judge for being able to skip to the good parts of his own career.  This wouldn’t have been nearly as funny or likable if he’d used King of the Hill.  God that show sucked.  Though I think it taught us all the valuable lesson that fat pussies don’t make good lead characters. A lot of people will try bring up Fat Pussy Hunter 7 as a counter argument, but in that case I would argue it was more the mcguffin.

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