Because We Needed A ‘Police Academy’ Reboot

In case you missed it, I recently wrote a feature about Hollywood’s love affair with using the Cold War as a backdrop in films, and one of the movies that I highlighted was Police Academy: Mission to Moscow, the seventh and final Police Academy film, released in 1994. Of that movie, I joked:

I’m really shocked, actually, that Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg haven’t been put in charge of re-launching this turd farm that sank when Steve Guttenberg flew away in a hot air balloon.

And just like my prediction about a “Where’s Waldo?” movie, I’m now learning the hard way that I need to stop joking.

New Line Cinema has set Scott Zabielski to direct Police Academy, its remake of the long-running film series that started at Warner Bros in 1984 and spanned seven films.

(Via Deadline)

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why God why?” right now, but if you’re not, you’re likely asking, “Who the hell is Scott Zabielski?” Don’t worry, he’s totally qualified to take on the task of remaking a film franchise that had one great movie, two decent movies, and four mailed in retreads, because he directs episodes of “Tosh.0”, the show that features Daniel Tosh standing in front of a green screen and explaining YouTube videos.

Somewhere, Michael Winslow is making the greatest fart noise the world has ever heard.