Yes, Berlin Has A Big Lebowski-Themed Bar

I’m not always easy to pander to, but one sure fire path to my heart is through Big Lebowski-themed crap. Naturally, I was thrilled to discover that the former East Berlin is home to its very own Big Lebowski-themed bar, Lebowski. I know New York has Little Lebowski, the Lebowski-themed store, and that every year, SF Indie Fest throws a Lebowski-themed party in San Francisco, but the latter only happens once a year, and the former doesn’t allow you to get shithoused on White Russians inside the premises (I assume – you’d have to ask Roy Preston about that one).

How apt that the Lebowski place in New York is dedicated to commerce, while the one in Germany is dedicate to drinking. Special thanks to my host for the evening, Alex Matzkeit, for making me aware of this place.

Yep, bowling lane on the ceiling. Why aren’t there ten pins? Shut up, dude, it’s a dream sequence.

The entrance. You can tell I took these, because they’re crappy. Don’t worry, I included some better ones.

From the official website. And yes, they did serve White Russians.

Also from the official website. I can’t really remember if it still looks like that now. It was a long night.

“Say what you will about the tenets of national socialism, but– what’s that? Oh, you mean we actually can’t say what we will about the tenets of national socialism here? …Okay, yeah, that seems fair.”

From the official site again.

Here’s one of me and my host for the evening, next to some bullshit wall. I forget what it was called.

Yes, I selfied. Deal with it.

Incredibly, Berlin also has a hotel called “The Dude.” This one is not Lebowski-themed, however. At least, not officially.

Like Vincent Vega says, same shit here they got everywhere, it’s the little differences. For instance, in France, they call it “Le Kau Boy With Cheese.”

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