02.25.08 10 years ago 31 Comments

Here’s Gary Busey acting like a scary, unpredictable street person while everyone pretends to be surprised. What’s he doing at the Academy Awards again?

Meanwhile, why the hell is Ryan Seacrest the go-to guy for live interviews?  When something unexpected happens he pretty much just shuts down like an autistic kid when you switch his breakfast cereal.  I think his true calling is wedding planner; designing center pieces, making sure everyone sits at the right table, holding trains for the bride and bridesmaid, making sure the flower girl and ring bear don’t have chocolate on their face.  He could go up to every girl at the party and go, "You look so pretty!" and then cheek-to-cheek hug.

I think it’s obvious they should’ve sent Lisa Rinna to interview Gary Busey.  She could drink the tears of the unborn while Busey teaches her how to hunt for coyotes – they’d be far away from the important people, and they could babble incoherently at each other till their hearts’ content. 

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