Get To Know Bill Murray Better With This Delightfully Candid Interview He Did With Charlie Rose

Bill Murray isn’t exactly averse to doing interviews — he regularly appears on Letterman and a number of other shows, but those are almost always light-hearted and short and because of that he has somehow managed to remain rather mysterious over the years. He doesn’t feel like someone we, his adoring public, really know. But last night Murray was Charlie Rose’s guest for the full hour on his show and it was arguably the most penetrating insight into Bill Murray, the man that I’ve ever seen. It was quite delightful.

Where the interview took place is a mystery to me. Gone were Rose’s trademark wooden roundtable and black set. In its place were two wicker chairs on what looked like the set of an IKEA commercial. Regardless of the setting, Murray was more candid and introspective than I’ve certainly ever seen him be in any interview — almost moved to tears at one point. He even shared the Oscar acceptance speech he never got to give and what he whispered to ScarJo at the end of Lost In Translation.

My personal favorite aspect of the interview: Murray talks about going through life always trying to be “available.” By that he means living in the moment and not closing himself off to experiencing new things with new people, being available “for life to happen to you.” He says it’s that personal philosophy that will lead him to crash a stranger’s karaoke party and other things of that nature. Enjoy…