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11.25.08 30 Comments

Here’s the real Bill Shatner giving JJ Abrams a piece of his mind vis a vis the design for the new enterprise. Holy shit, this is gonna be so controversial!

“To me it looks very much like the old Enterprise, which is terrific. It was a great design, a great, imaginative design. I gotta tell all of you, whether a window is blue or green, whether it’s up here or down there, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that… it’s ship shape.”

And he continues, in a similarly nonsensical fashion. Basically, he says the new Star Trek will be good if it’s like old Star Trek. Hey! You know what this post could use? A fight scene from the original Star Trek!

BEST. FIGHT SCENE. EVER. Though I must point out – reptilians don’t have ears, dude. So you can’t box their ears. Trust me, I’ve tried. This may have actually benefited from some shakey cam.

[Shatner response video via /Film]

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