Dumb & Dumber’s Blind Kid Billy is All Growed Up for Sequel

Do you remember the blind kid from Dumb and Dumber, Billy in 4C, who Harry sold a dead parakeet? If you’re anything like me, you answered a resounding “sorta!” Well here he is, all growed up, on the set of Dumb and Dumber To, in a picture recently tweeted by the Farrelly Brothers.

That’s right, 30-year-old some-time actor Brady Bluhm, who has had 13 small roles in the 19 years since Dumb and Dumber, will be reprising his role as Billy for the sequel. Based on the parrots, I’m guessing the plot is that being deprived of a parakeet as a child has pushed Billy to buy up all the parrots he can as an adult and become a crazy parrot person (parrot people are all crazy). …Something like that. Anyway, I have a hard time believing this is going to be a funny movie, but it’s great as a series of “Where Are They Now” pics. Cam “Sea Bass” Neely is reportedly returning as well.

My favorite thing about Dumb and Dumber To is still the fact that it had to be rushed into production so that Jeff Daniels could run around pooping his pants for a few months and still have time to play Aaron Sorkin’s dignified, incorruptible Super Cronkite on the next season of The Newsroom. That no one has set the Dumb and Dumber diarrhea scene to Coldplay and a smarmy voiceover about The Way Things Used To Be seems like a real oversight. “Call me a dinosaur (*fart*), but reading the news used to mean something (*poop splatters against bowl*).”

Original Billy via Imgur.