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11.22.11 13 Comments

All credit to Burnsy for finding this picture. I’m assuming it’s Boo.

COMEDY TONIGHT IN OAKLAND! Check me out at the Layover, we can compare stab wounds. |LayoverComedy|

Perhaps coincidentally, the guy who booked me on that show also has a movie podcast.

Meme Watch: Pepper Spray Cop Will Casually Pepper Spray Everyone And Everything |UPROXX|

1st Footage from ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 2 |Warming Glow|

40 Awesomely Nerdy License Plates |Gamma Squad|

The King Has Returned: T.I. Announces New Album & Single |Smoking Section|

NASCAR Fans Booed Michelle Obama. |With Leather|

The Greatest Mugshot Ever |Buzzfeed|

Ashton Kutcher tried to buy Demi a car, looks like a punchable douche in that hat. |TheSuperficial|

The best of food Shoved Into Other Food |Adult Swim|

Chloe Moretz HILARIOUSLY tricked Martin Scorsese into thinking she was British. |Videogum|

31 elaborate marriage proposals. |MentalFloss|

Gay dudes Photobomb Al-Jazeera. |TheDailyWhat|

Michelle Obama and seven other instances of celebrities getting booed. |ScreenJizznizzunkies|

Five great snack foods for latchkey kids. |HolyTaco|

20 Awesome Title Graphic GIF’s of 16 and 8-Bit Games |Unreality|

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