Bradley Cooper May Be The Next Indiana Jones. Suck It, Shia LaBeouf.

Disney struck a deal with Paramount last December to distribute all future Indiana Jones films, which of course means there will be more Indiana Jones films. As Vince said at the time, “Disney would cut an orphan’s belly open if they thought there was a penny in it.” It’s true. I seen it. That’s the last time I ride the WEDWay PeopleMover.

Since it seems Disney isn’t heeding Dan’s advice to try out other media first, and Harrison Ford is 71 years old, Disney may be looking to reboot the series, James Bond style. Latino Review says Disney is planning to do exactly that, if they can’t get Harrison Ford to sign soon.

The same source who told Latino Review about Bradley Cooper playing Rocket Raccoon is now telling them Bradley Cooper takes the top spot on a studio wishlist of possible Dr. Jones replacements. Hey, remember when they were toying with passing the torch to Google-fu master Shia LaBeouf? If they insist on choosing a new Indy, replacing LaBeouf with Rocket Raccoon is a solid trade.

Latino Review’s source also claims Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption) has pitched a story idea for Indiana Jones 5. Well, get busy raiding, or get busy dying.

We’ll keep you updated on any new developments towards Indiana Jones 5: We’ve Replaced Shia LaBeouf With A Talking Raccoon, Let’s See If Anyone Notices.