Brett Ratner set to crotch fondlebomb ‘The Unknowns’

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07.28.10 27 Comments

Oh, Brett Ratner.  Attached to so many projects, yet so few that actually go anywhere.  Before we get into today’s news, let’s give the Rat Man a visit from the Ghost of Variety Articles Past, shall we?

And that’s barely going back two years.  But that’s not today’s story.  Tell us, Variety, where did Brett Ratner’s wheel of dead-end turds land today?

Ratner’s producing “The Unknowns,” based on the comic created by Mark A. Altman (“DOA: Dead Or Alive”), Steve Kriozere (“NCIS”) and model/actress Monica Olsen.
Story centers around Alexis Davenport, who while living a seemingly ordinary life discovers she was actually once the highly skilled and deadly leader of a mysterious team called The Unknowns and must learn the secret of why her memories were erased and by who.
“We think ‘The Unknowns’ will be a great new comic book/action franchise,” said Ratner, who’s in preproduction as a producer on New Line’s “Horrible Bosses.”

An ordinary person who finds out she used to be a spy?  You’re right, Brett Ratner, that is new.  But are you sure the world is ready for an original story such as this?  Maybe she could also be a tough kid from the inner city who succeeds against all odds.

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