Bruce Willis is bored of action movies but not making money, reports Duh Magazine

This is something you probably could’ve guessed from his magnificently awkward interview with Britain’s most massive tool a few weeks back, but just to make sure we know exactly how he really feels, this week Bruce Willie told a Spanish magazine that ‘splosions give him the boredoms. Me too, Bruce, me too. Though Willis clarifies that he still likes the money he gets paid for them.

I respect his honesty, as long as I never have to interview his grumpy ass.

BruceWillis is “bored” of shooting action movies but likes the money they generate, the Hollywood star has reportedly told a Spanish magazine.

Los bang-os no me gusta. Solamente deniro. Are we done with el interview now? Necesito sleepo.

[Willis] said explosions were “one of the most boring parts of my job”, adding: “When you have seen a few fireballs, it’s not exciting any more. I know part of my audience enjoys the explosions, but to be honest, I’m a bit bored of it now.”

He reportedly added: “I am very clear with who I am. I work in all sorts of films, but the action movies are the ones that generate the most revenue. I like to earn lots of money from those, but I do all types: small productions, mega-projects, medium-sized, even science fiction.” Nevertheless, Willis said he did not “dance for joy” upon receiving movie pay cheques and was not “someone who spends the whole day counting bank notes”. [TheGuardian]

I like to imagine Willis went on to say, “I don’t sit around counting my money, but with enough of it, you can do anything. Hey, Rodney! Pull down your pants and eat this dirt clod! …See? Imagine a grown man doing that if I was poor. Anyway, what movie am I here to promote? …Oh yeah, Red 2. I’m kinda like my character in some ways and not like him in others, blah blah blah go f*ck yourselves.” (*drops mics, walks off stage wanking dismissively*)

Onscreen explosions get boring quick, but can you imagine how many you’d have to see to get bored of live ones? Bruce Willis should be a hostage negotiator.

Only the coolest guys can be bored of explosions.