Butter Sculpting & Aziz Ansari: a Black List scripts update

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04.08.10 18 Comments

The Black List is a list of Hollywood’s best unproduced scripts as voted on by executives.  The projects are interesting not because most executives aren’t complete idiots, but because projects tend to be better when they start with an actual script, instead of some half-assed pitch like, “Hey, what about guinea-pig secret agents?”  Anyway, here’s an update on two:

Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer signed on to direct 30 Minutes or Less, a script by Matthew Sullivan and Michael Diliberti.  I wasn’t a huge fan of Zombieland, but I thought the visual style was very cool, and I was hoping his next project wouldn’t be stock characters in a stock premise again.  Now THR reports that Aziz Ansari in a story that… “revolves around a junior high history teacher (Ansari) and a pizza-delivery man who are forced to rob a bank when one of them is strapped to a bomb vest.”  ThePlaylist has more details on the plot, though they warn it’s “spoilery”.  Meanwhile, Danny McBride is in talks to co-star as Ansari’s straitlaced University classics professor.  Ha, just kidding, he’ll play a “white trash goon.”  In honor of that, here’s a Tweet from KF*ckingP: “Doing free pap smears today on Miami Beach to raise money for Haiti. Let’s get our troops home!”  There’s so much right with that.

Rob Corddry will sculpt your butter for Obama.  In Butter, a script by Jason Micalleff ,Rob Corddry will stir Jim Carrey’s vanilla, stepping into a role he turned down, of a former butter-sculpting champion whose wife (Jennifer Garner) is the heir apparent to win this year’s title, only to be thwarted by a young black girl.  The whole thing is said to be a satire of the 2008 Iowa democratic caucus (the black girl is Obama, Jennifer Garner is Hillary).  Box-office toilet poison Kate Hudson is also signed to star, presumably as a stand in for Sarah Palin, the chick that ruins everything for everyone.  [via LATimesblog]

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