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08.12.09 20 Comments

Hey there.  So. (*casually tracing finger across desk*) I got another Robogeisha trailer after the jump.  You, uh, wanna see it?  You’ll see some geishas transform into tanks and cut people with mouth swords and lactate, all set to a Muzak version of “Live and Let Die….”  I mean… no big deal.  It’s just, I thought you might like it, after the hard day you’ve been having and all.  Take a load off. I’ll give you a massage. We can watch it together.  Ahh, see?  Isn’t that better?  Do you feel your troubles melting away in a pool of Shrimp tempura to the eyeballs and creepy Silence of the Lambs voiceover?  I knew you would.  Now turn over, it’s time for your happy ending.  Whoop, looks like you beat me to it.

[via Twitch]

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