Check Out The New Trailer For 'Oblivion'

Prior to yesterday, the only thing I knew about Oblivion was that Tom Cruise allegedly tried to get Olga Kurylenko to sign a contract to become his latest girlfriend while they were filming. And that would have made me sad, because she seems like a delightful young lady who happens to be very fun to look at. But that never happened, and now I know everything there is to know about Oblivion, because a third trailer was released yesterday and now I don’t have to see the movie.

Starring Cruise, Kurylenko and Morgan Freeman, Oblivion is the story of a post-war Earth that has been ravaged by an alien war, and Cruise is playing mop-up duty on the surface as he takes orders from a spaceship full of people. And they keep promising him that they’re going to bring him home to outer space, but he just needs to kill a few aliens first. OR DOES HE???

Trailers like this really piss me off, because they just give away everything about the movie, and it just means that I’m going to sit there all pissed off as everything that they told us will happen unfolds before my eyes. But don’t let me get you down, there are plenty of people still excited to see Oblivion. Just check these YouTube comments if you don’t believe me.

Tom Cruise handcuffed to a chair turns me on way more than it should.

3rd trailer has definitely left me dying to see it ASAP !!!!!!!!

Tom Cruise is still the best movie star ever!

It’s like The Matrix combined with an action packed Wall-E!!!!

Will be seeing this opening night, I love all the trailer for this movie, Tom Cruise is one of my favorite actor’s and Morgan Freeman is a bonus, so very excited for this mvoie!

I just like scrolling down and reading all your comments, liking them as I go, that my friends is my entertainment tonight.

And that is officially the saddest thing I’ve ever read.