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02.12.09 78 Comments

Casper Van Dien is doing just fine.  He just cares about the kids is all.  He cares about them so much, in fact, that he was willing to put on his old Johnny Rico outfit from Starship Troopers and make this PSA about child abuse (and yes, this is an actual, recent PSA).  Because though he may play have played a guy who kills outer space bugs on the big screen 12 years ago, it’s the men and women who fight child abuse every day who are the real heroes.

You know, I think Casper might actually be using this as his audition for that movie Van Damme wants to do where he beats his kid.  Van Damme vs. Van Dien.  With the timeless themes of karate and child abuse.  Someone get on that.

[via /Film]

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