“Chinese Food” is Ark Music Factory’s latest superhit

The Ark Music Factory, the guys (guy?) who gave us Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and Nicole Westbrook’s “Thanksgiving” is back with Alison Gold, and her soon-to-be superhit, “Chinese Food.” The chorus? “I love Chinese food.” Producer Patrice Wilson shows up in a panda suit at the end because of course he does. I don’t care what anyone says, I love this crap. I like to think to the Chinese “subtitles” are just wingding font, makes it more entertaining. |DeathandTaxes|


|FilmDrunk| Madonna called someone “enslaver!” for telling her to stop texting during a slavery movie, according to this extremely spurious-sounding rumor.

|Uproxx| Anthony Hopkins wrote a fan letter to Bryan Cranston.

|WarmingGlow| See these epic Breaking Bad baby costumes.

|ESPN| “The Tao of Poo,” an article about pooping in sports. Shockingly, lots of Frotcast listeners sent me this story.

|KissingSuzy| Philip Rivers flashes an epic Laserface, a must-see for Laserface enthusiasts.

|WithLeather| Gordon Ramsay competed in an IronMan.

|GammaSquad| Here’s Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad in at 80s Atari ad.

|UproxxVideo| Here’s what Ukranian welding looks like. 10 bucks he was trying to cut off a piece of that bridge to sell it for scrap.

|TheSuperficial| Justin Bieber is still acting like an asshole punk.

|Videogum| Supercut combines every grunt from Home Improvement. Even as a dumb adolescent I was smart enough to hate this steaming turd of a show. I get angry just thinking about it.

|TheChive| Watercolor tattoo are the hot new thing.

|IDLYITW| Amy Adams is still lettin’ her boobs out for a stroll, which I approve of.

|BroBible| This lady took a whoooole lotta drugs.

|Guyism| Here’s a co-ed brawl in the stands of a football game featuring, who else, Eagles fans.

|Pajiba| Here’s a giant man in Game of Thrones.

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