“Chinese Food” is Ark Music Factory’s latest superhit

10.15.13 6 years ago 19 Comments

The Ark Music Factory, the guys (guy?) who gave us Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and Nicole Westbrook’s “Thanksgiving” is back with Alison Gold, and her soon-to-be superhit, “Chinese Food.” The chorus? “I love Chinese food.” Producer Patrice Wilson shows up in a panda suit at the end because of course he does. I don’t care what anyone says, I love this crap. I like to think to the Chinese “subtitles” are just wingding font, makes it more entertaining. |DeathandTaxes|


|FilmDrunk| Madonna called someone “enslaver!” for telling her to stop texting during a slavery movie, according to this extremely spurious-sounding rumor.

|Uproxx| Anthony Hopkins wrote a fan letter to Bryan Cranston.

|WarmingGlow| See these epic Breaking Bad baby costumes.

|ESPN| “The Tao of Poo,” an article about pooping in sports. Shockingly, lots of Frotcast listeners sent me this story.

|KissingSuzy| Philip Rivers flashes an epic Laserface, a must-see for Laserface enthusiasts.

|WithLeather| Gordon Ramsay competed in an IronMan.

|GammaSquad| Here’s Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad in at 80s Atari ad.

|UproxxVideo| Here’s what Ukranian welding looks like. 10 bucks he was trying to cut off a piece of that bridge to sell it for scrap.

|TheSuperficial| Justin Bieber is still acting like an asshole punk.

|Videogum| Supercut combines every grunt from Home Improvement. Even as a dumb adolescent I was smart enough to hate this steaming turd of a show. I get angry just thinking about it.

|TheChive| Watercolor tattoo are the hot new thing.

|IDLYITW| Amy Adams is still lettin’ her boobs out for a stroll, which I approve of.

|BroBible| This lady took a whoooole lotta drugs.

|Guyism| Here’s a co-ed brawl in the stands of a football game featuring, who else, Eagles fans.

|Pajiba| Here’s a giant man in Game of Thrones.

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