Chris Columbus offered Superman?

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07.08.10 27 Comments

After the disappointment that was Superman Returns, it seemed like WB was making some solid decisions for the next Superman movie, like hiring David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Blade) to write and Chris Nolan to “mentor“.   But now the latest rumor (via Supermanhomepage) is that they want Chris Columbus to direct.  You may remember him as the guy who directed hits like Home Alone and Mrs. Doubtfire, but only because no one saw I Love You Beth Cooper, Rent, Bicentennial Man, Stepmom, or Nine Months. Yeah… I hope this is just a rumor.

Up up and to the blockquote!  (*puts on red speedo, jumps off coffee table*)

As we know, Warner Bros. are aiming to have a new Superman movie released to cinemas before the end of 2012. A source inside the studio has revealed to the Superman Homepage that an “offer has been sent out to Chris Columbus to direct the 3D Superman reboot for December 2012”.
Columbus, who directed the first two “Harry Potter” films for Warner Bros., is reportedly considered “the right fit” for the Man of Steel by those within the WB and Legendary Pictures.
Christopher Nolan will be producing the film, from a script written by David Goyer.
“David Goyer really wanted to direct but nobody from either studio think he’s good in that arena,” reveals the studio insider. “He’s great at coming up with story and ideas, like George Lucas. It’s his execution where he’s weak which is why people like Chris and Jonathan Nolan and Guillermo Del Toro have had the best results with his scripts.”

David Goyer isn’t good at directing… so you’re hiring the writer of Christmas with the Kranks to direct his script instead?  That’s like saying, “Well my wife is great at buying steaks, she’s just not the greatest cook.  Which is why next time she brings home a nice steak, I’m going to take a dump on it and light it on fire.”

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