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Sorry for nonsensical headline, there was too much to communicate in one line.  This week’s comments of the week winner receives the documentary Sleepwalking Through the Mekong, available on DVD April 14th.

This fascinating documentary follows acclaimed world/indie rock band Dengue Fever as they travel to lead singer’s Chhom Nimol’s native Cambodia during the 2005 Water Festival.  The band’s performances there marked the first time a Western band had performed classic 1960s and ‘70s Cambodian rock ‘n’ roll in the country where it was created and nearly erased from existence by the brutal Pol Pot regime.

Excited?  Don’t be. You’re probably not going to win anyway.  As always, to nominate for next week’s comments of the week, use the comments section of this post (bookmark it, or you can always find the comment nomination thread linked in the About section) for any comment you think is recognition worthy.  Now… on to the runners up!

Burnsy kept it short and sweet in the Mutant Toddler with Super Strength thread:

Burnsy says: Your move, Michael Jackson.

Next up, I’m pretty sure this RoboPanda comment on Hollywood’s Remake Mania is funny, but I have to study some mythology just to be sure.

Robopanda says: I suspect Sisyphus himself would take one look at Hollywood and say, “F*ck it. Can I go live in Bolgia 2 instead?  Pretty much the same as this, but without having to move the rock too.”

Any time someone starts a comment with “I suspect”, you just know it’s going to be witty and erudite.  Next up, fun with puns, starring Vodka in Light Sabre Lingerie Fight Video (a commercial for body spray):

Vodka says: They were going to just play a game of Tag. But the director gave that idea the Axe.

SmokeEmIfYaGotEm had a solid response for Billy Bob Thornton’s Radio Tirade:

SmokeEmIfYouGotEm says:
BILLY BOB: Would you say that to Tom Petty?
INTERVIEWER: No, I’d say “Hey Tom. You ever meet Billy Bob Thorton? That guy’s a f*cking nutjob.”

Pauly Dangerously and Michelle07 doubled teamed the Twilight Fans Accused of Violent Attacks thread.

Pauly Dangerously says: Sign you might be a Twihard:  You have vampire teeth holes in your pillow.

Michelle07 (in response to me referring to Twilight fans beating people with bats as “bat beatings”) says: Why are they beating bats?!? It’s like they don’t understand vampires at all. Poor little bats.

Michelle’s comments always have a certain feminine perfume about them which classes up this sausage hole.  Next up, Rotwangchung (we like to call him “the professor”.  Because he is one.  …I suppose it’s actually not that creative of a nickname.) decided to have a go at AWESOME BUSINESS CARD GUY:

Rotwangchung says: I don’t have business cards. I just take someone else’s card, piss on it, and hand it back. If they want to find me, they can just follow my musk-trail.

Adds Pauly Dangerously:

Pauly Dangerously says:  “Let’s go back to my place and bang while listening to The Best of Boston.”

TengoDooter had an important message about bears in the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fights a Bear thread:

TengoDooter says: Yeah, bears are real mean f*ckers all right. Except when it comes to toilet paper. Then they piss and moan if it’s too rough or crumbly.

Meanwhile, Rotwangchung was the only one to pick up on “Indie/Sci-Fi” in the Trailer for Moon thread:

Rotwangchung says: An indie sci-fi film? “Houston, we have a problem . . . well, it’s more like an unresolved issue. You see, I just don’t feel fulfilled and while I want a relationship, I doubt that I’m emotionally mature enough to love. Perhaps this song by Death Cab for Cutie can explain it best . . .”

Solid.  And this week, since I didn’t feel any one comment was head and shoulders above the rest, I used overall quality of commentary as my guide for choosing the winner, and that winner is Donkey Hodey:

From Hercules Throws Bear Into Space: Donkey Hodey says: That bear was only two days from retirement.

From Rob Schneider a Durpity Ding Dong: Donkey Hodey says: I can’t wait for the sequel to Rob Schneider’s pic, where, after making peace with the Croatian gangsters, his wife gets kidnapped by their rivals and he has to win a dance contest to get her back: You Got Serbed.

From Mutant Toddler with Super Strength: Donkey Hodey says: So, what are you doing after nap time, baby? I think I’m gonna go for a little afternoon milk then maybe work on some pecs and delts at the monkey bars before giving myself a good core workout on the swings. Yeah, maybe if I’ve got time later I’ll run up the slide and ride the Goofy bouncer. You know, whatever. Hey I’ll catch you later alright?

From Channing Tatum Shirtless: Donkey Hodey says: Channing Tatum is all set to star in a shirtless arm wrestling movie: Without the Top.

Thanks to all, and happy commenting this week.

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