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This week’s winner and runner up will receive The F Word by Jesse Sheidlower, with Foreword by Lewis Black, courtesy of Oxford University Press.  I figured you guys would like it since it’s about swearing, because if there’s one thing in the world I love, it’s swearing.  If there are two things I love in the world it’s swearing and racial slurs, but that’s neither here nor there.  And now here are the winners, you spics.

(From Robert Pattinson’s face on some panties)
ChinoMoreno says: My Edward Cullen replica c-ck just came in the male.

(From Abigail Breslin to play Helen Keller on Broadway)
B.K. says: If her walking off the stage accidentally isn’t a gag in every performance, I’m not gonna bother.

And I believe that is the first time the Drunkettes have gone one two.  Well done, ladies.  Honorable mentions after the jump.

(From Chinese-American flag from set of Red Dawn remake)
ChinoMoreno says: This is exactly the flag that Chinese Betsy Ross would have designed had she not accidentally drowned immediately after birth.

(From Boondock Saints II got great reviews)
Erswi says: If I had a tattoo on my left hand it would say “STRANGER”.

I’m not sure if this next one even had a contest:

Spazmodic says: Tom Cruise is lined up to play Uruguay.  As long as there are … you know.

Spazmodic says: He already played Paraguay in that Fourth of July film.

I’m not saying I agree with this, but I appreciate the way the man thinks

(From the John Lennon biopic)
Mark it Zero says: I really liked the opening scene from Lord of War. I think that should be the focus of the Lennon biopic. Production, transportation, usage, and ultimately, the bullet cam right into that commie. 3 1/2 minutes long and everyone goes home happy.

And just for fun, a couple Gary Busey Facts:

Crapbasket says: Gary Busey had his feet painted like shoes just to fuck with the TSA lackeys.

 says: Gary Busey started a horse farm by planting his teeth.

Well done all.  Bring your A-game again this week because there WILL be another prize.

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