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A lot people comment on FilmDrunk a few people comment a lot on FilmDrunk, and every once in while, they stumble blindly into some genuine insight. Each week, I honor the comments I deem especially insightful, or gratuitously vulgar.  Nominate your favorite for next week here.

I feel like I should be standing atop a float at the end of a ticker tape parade, or Chariots of Fire should be playing as I announce this, because after a drought that’s lasted longer than any of us can remember, Fek’lhr is the big winner this week.   

[From the Ice Cube, Fred Durst, the Apocalypse thread] Fek’lhr says, "Alternate title: How She Throw."

Michelle07 was also representin’ for the FilmDrunkettes, scoring a double this week.

[From the Gay Hulk Videos thread] Michelle07 says:


[From the Transformers 2 to Rainn Wilsons Thread]Michelle07 says:

You can’t un-pump that gas home slice.
Looks like your wipers will need diapers…home slice.
and errr ummm that’s all I got.

Though fellow lady FilmDrunkard Al was also on the board – with sort of a co-comment of the week with Burnsy, since both complemented each other so well.

[From the SATC Premiere Debacle post] Al says, "Doesn’t anyone else think it’s strange a bunch of barely-adult women are idolizing 40 and 50-year olds?  Sure, I have an entourage of 20-somethings following me around everywhere, but I’m only 37.  And they’re boys."

To which Burnsy added, "Al, last week I took a college girl out for dinner. When I tried to make a move she told me she was menopausal and cried for two hours about never having kids." 

Still, if FilmDrunk were awarding a merit scholarship, Chodin would be the likely recipient.  

[From the Heartless Poster Thread (in which a guy sells his soul to the devil in exchange for good looks but has to become a killer)] Chodin says, "Ha, this dude got ripped off. Satan made me handsome and all I had to do was show him where the first hidden flute was on Mario 3.

‘Squat on the white box, Lucifer! No, the fucking white box!’" 

And last but not least, Stinky Peet made the list with some shameless Spike Lee bashing.

[From the Michael Bay-Ouija Board Movie thread] Stinky Peet says, "Spike Lee was all worked up about this film, but he felt better when Michael Bay called and said, "Hasbro’s in it."

Keep bringing the funny, assholes.   

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