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04.14.08 20 Comments

Lots of people comment on FilmDrunk. But it takes a special sort not to say something lame, and an even specialer sort to actually be funny. Each week, I honor those special Drunkards.

Nominate a funny comment for next week’s "Comments of the Week" here (post is hidden, so bookmark it). Need more info?  Here’s a handy primer from ‘The Mighty Fek’lhr’. Don’t care? Fair enough.

So, I wanted to choose a non-Busey related comment as my favorite, but I just couldn’t do it. The man’s apparently a bottomless well of amusement.  My favorites from the Busey/Haim thread: chodin says Gary Busey puts on a lobster bib to read. And Gary Busey digs up dead bodies, just to put party hats on them and then re-bury them.  Meanwhile, wwbd, not to be outdone, Gary Busey needs to apply 3 whitening strips for each row of teeth.

UPDATE – Comments nomination thread should be correctly linked now.  Apologies. 

Pauly Dangerously made me slap my forehead and say "Why didn’t I think of that!" in the Charlton Heston thread: I said this yesterday, but I still think his grave marker should be the upper half of the Statue of Liberty.

Zog Durst made good use of third person schtick in the Timberlake/Myers thread: 

Step 1: Zog cut hole in box.
Step 2: Zog put Zog junk in box.
Step 3: Zog make woman open box.
Step 4: Zog bite woman face and eat her coyote.

He’s referencing a popular sketch and a running FilmDrunk joke, get it?  …Moving on, JHC gets the thinking outside the box award for this comment, also from Myers/Timberlake: "He has 0% body fat, he’s musically gifted" – Do yourself a favor and read that as Popeye the sailor… Hug-g-g-g-g.

Token Black Guy keeps it simple in the Sam Jackson thread: I’m tired of these motherfucking shrubs on your motherfucking lawn! They’re crossing the motherfucking property line, whitey! 

And finally, Donkey Hodey with a solid one-two in the David Cronenberg and Sodomize Intolerance threads:

[In response to "..had his way with her to put Viggo Mortensen and Maria Bello at ease and show them that long-term married sex doesn’t have to be vanilla."] He then sucker punched his wife to show that long-term married spousal abuse doesn’t have to be strawberry.  After that, he brought in a young Filipino boy to show that long-term married spousal slave-ownership doesn’t have to be chocolate.  Then, he took the cast out for ice cream. 

[In response to "Sodomize Intolerance", "Fight Back Against Violence", "Cunt-punch domestic violence", etc.] Give AIDS Orphans the Reach-Around. …I’ve missed the point, haven’t I?

Until next week, Drunk on. 


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