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Anyway, it’s comments of the week time again.  You know the drill.  Nominate for next week in the comments below.  No prizes to give away this week. (I’m working on getting prizes that don’t require me to make nice with publicists {ew!}. Stay tuned).

First off, I have to give honorable mention to Andy Milonakis for commenting on the comments on the post I did about him:

Andy Milonakis says: “See, when you’re close minded and unoriginal you think you can clearly, concisely make blanket statements about stuff, put a ribbon on it and expect people to eat it up. Well, as we all know (hopefully) anything creative is subjective, let people think what they want to think. Yes, I have a retarded sense of humor that is far from mainstream but why does it piss so many people off? Who knows but love it or hate it, I got a reaction. What have you guys done lately besides write negative comments on a message board? Hopefully something interesting.”

Wait, “put a ribbon on it and expect people to eat it up?”  Who eats ribbons?  Are you saying my commenters are goats?  Anyway, for what it’s worth, I thought your video was funny.  (*shrugs*)  Thanks for stopping by.

Another newbie commenter worth mentioning was roe.02, who took offence to me saying Kristy Swanson was hotter than Sarah Michelle Gellar (which is true, unless you’re a stinky fartlicker).

roe.02 says: “Ok I so don’t agree with that…I don’t know what you are looking at but Sarah is much much cuter!!! And she looks nothing like Sarah Jessica Parker!! Sarah is a great actress!!! Every movie or show she was ever in she did great!!! I only seen this because my friend sent it to me, so thanks you now have me upset.”

Putting exclamation points after something doesn’t make it true, you know.  YOU HAVE TO USE ALL CAPS FOR THAT!!! THE LETTERS IS BIGGER THIS WAY, CAN YOU SEEN IT??  Anyway, my favorite response from the peanut gallery was:

Squabbler says: “I am 12 and what is this?”

And speaking of peanut galleries

Erswi says: “…f*cking oiPhone.”

JHC says: “Erwsi, did you steal The Stath’s phone?”

Then there was the Keyboard Gato thread (still my vote for funniest video ever):

Donkey Hodey says: “My Mexican cat peed a Z into my rug. His name is Mittens for f*ck’s sake.”

Pauly Dangerously says: “If you throw a Mexican Cat up, it always lands on your daughter.”

Elsewhere in Pauly Dangerously comments, from Flight of the Navigator Remake:

Pauly Dangerously says: “When I saw this movie as a kid, I thought ‘Man, it’d be radical to keep a small alien in my back pack as a pet.’  Now, I wonder what it would be like to get it that little f*cker high. Oh yes, my friends. The monkey is now walking upright.”

From 72$ Zombie Movie:

TengoDooter says: “The first ‘zombie film from the point of the view of the zombie?’
The story of an unstoppable dumb guy that attacks people while uttering unintelligible grunts and groans? So basically it’s just another Stallone movie.

From Slumdog Finally has a house:

Mark It Zero says: “They may have a house, but until they move in and get slapped around a bit, it just won’t be home.”

From Guillermo Del Toro’s Vampire book:

Stone Soup says:
Del Toro is right. No one would ever take a vampire story seriously without a CSI feel:

“Just another case of vampire-on-vampire crime?”

“No, Frank – I think there’s a lot more at… Stake…” *Sunglasses*


And for the winner, I had to hand to it El Topo, for summing up the Stuntman Stunt Reel post perfectly:

El Topo says:
Whatever, I can do that sh*t.

**chugs last beer in 12pack**

Good stuff, good stuff.  Now get nominating.

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