Cop injured in accident as God tries to shut down Transformers 3 again

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10.12.10 24 Comments

A little more than a month after an extra was permanently brain damaged following an accident on the set of Transformers 3 in Chicago, there’s been another accident, this time on the set in Washington DC.  You can see video of the crash after the jump, but it looks like a cop car (the SUV indicated by the blue arrow above) drove through the set perimeter and smashed into the yellow Camaro playing Bumblebee.

A nearby shop owner tells TMZ there was a lot of police activity  in the area right at the time of the accident due to a bomb scare. It is unclear if the cop car involved in the accident was part of that investigation.  D.C. police tell TMZ the cop car involved was part of the Explosives Ordinances Division. We’re told the cop driving was taken to a nearby hospital.

Excuse me, but when you’re talking about a Michael Bay movie, it’s not a bomb threat, it’s a bomb promise.  BOOM.

UPDATE: Now with even better video:

“Oh, he transformed into a wreck!” Yes, thank you, Jay Leno, amateur videographer. No word on whether Bumblebee being injured will cause any significant delays to the production of this very important film. What’s that? Why am I dismissively wanking, you ask? Oh, no reason. I was just, uh, thinking about something else.

[TMZ has video from a different angle]

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