The Danish Film Critics Put on Their Oh Faces For This Nymphomaniac Parody

You may remember a few months back, when Magnolia released a series of character posters for Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, in which the actors recreated their mid-orgasm oh face for perhaps the only memorable character poster series in history. And if you thought Willem Dafoe and Nicholas Bro pretending to climax was sexy, get a load (heh) of these Danish Film Critics who parodied the series with some oh faces of their own. The series was created to advertise their year-end Bodil awards. Sidenote: Does Willem Dafoe even have a non-oh face?

Their statement said: “Some may think that we all just sit in our ivory towers, looking down on the film landscape with critical eyes, having no fun at all. But just like anyone else, also we can be excited by great movie experiences – and we are not afraid to share the excitement with all of you!”

The Danish film critics will celebrate the films of 2013 on Feb 1 at the Bodil awards. Nymphomaniac is released Christmas Day in Denmark. [ScreenDaily]

Oh come on, only ONE of them is a fat guy with an ugly beard? These damned Danes are just rubbing it in our faces now. Thin, sometimes attractive film critics, and free wifi is probably in the constitution.

Though their orgasm faces are a bit dull, like they’ve been having boring sex. Mine would be better, sometimes I come so hard I tear a phone book in half.

[pic via Twitter]