Danny Glover Defends Mel Gibson

Danny Glover is at Sundance, and was asked about his feelings on Mel Gibson’s recent troubles. And by “troubles,” I mean “repeated use of racial and ethnic slurs, and drunk driving arrests, and threatening to kill his wife and burn down their house, and assaulting her, and starring in a movie about a beaver puppet.” Sum it up, MTV.

Glover (who was in Park City to promote his movie “Black Power Mixtape”) said of Gibson, “I love Mel. That’s my friend.” Glover also shared that he and Gibson (who he called “a very generous man” who is “always searching for meaning in his life”) have been in touch over this last tumultuous year and that at a recent memorial in Los Angeles, “We ran up and hugged each other.”

The 64-year-old star refused to talk about the issues that got Gibson into hot water, saying only, “I can’t comment on that. I only know what I know.” But Glover summed it up this way: “He’s had tough times. We’ve all had tough times.”

I agree. We have all had tough times. I mean, just the other day I was all stressed out about this paper I’m working on for class, and was starting to get a little down. So I drank a bottle of Jameson, walked into the library, and really gave it to the Jews. Just laid into them. Or this other time, a female barista put sugar in my Ethiopan roast. SUGAR. I cracked her in the face, jumped up on a table, and told everyone I was going to burn the building down. But, naturally, only after she blew me. And who can forget the time I became so wealthy that I never had to worry about money again like the vast majority of the population does and my girlfriend put too much starch in my shirt, so I called her on the phone and told her I hoped she got “raped by a pack of [n-word]’s”?

Life is hard.

Video of the interview after the jump.